Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers

nose-picking-ralph-wiggumI prefer to use a credit card instead of a debit card because it puts a firewall between other people and my bank account. I also prefer a card over cash because I’m a bit of germ freak and money is fondled by junkies, hobos and booger eatin’ morons.

I use a credit card to automatically pay every purchase and bill possible. The only bills I cannot pay with a card are my mortgage, property tax and gas bill. Then I pay off the card in full with money I otherwise would have used to make purchases in the first place.

Just getting started in the credit card world? I suggest that you get a card that never has an annual fee and also gives you some rewards for every dollar you charge on the card.  Email me if you have any questions.

My favorite credit cards give me HUGE sign-up bonuses worth literally hundreds of dollars in tax-free rebate cash, rewards points or airline miles. Many of these cards have both personal and business versions for more bonuses. A lot of these cards waive the annual fee for a year while you try out the card to see if you like it. If you decide not to keep the card, you can still redeem your points/miles before closing the card.


Airline Miles (Click HERE):  I haven’t paid for a flight in years thanks to BIG sign-up bonuses from airline branded cards. I used airline miles for vacations and emergencies. Twice, I flew on short notice to funerals. If not for miles, the “bereavement fare” would have cost over $1,000 per ticket (read my post)!! Otherwise, Click Here for Airline & Frequent Flyer Credit Cards.


OPEN_FOR_BUSINESS2Business Credit Cards (Click HERE): This is a great way to keep your personal and business dealing separate. It is also a great way to get a sign-up bonus twice! Once on your personal card and once on your business card for a full-time or side gig that you do. You don’t have to have an LLC or S-corp to get one. If you just said, “A what?” – don’t worry about it. You’ll apply as a sole proprietor. Check out my post How to Fill Out a Business Credit Card Application. Then, Click here for Business Credit Cards.


balance-transfer20% Balance Transfer (Click HERE):  If you are carrying a large balance on your credit cards, you should consider transferring those balances to a new card that will charge you 0% for a while – usually 12-18 months! That is a HUGE savings of interest. Most cards charge a fee of 3% of whatever you transfer over.  But one charges nothing!! Click Here for Balance Transfer Credit Cards.



CashWithBow2Cash Back (Click HERE):  I like credit cards that have absolutely no annual fee AND pay cash back for every purchase. Trust me, it adds up! I’ve made thousands over the years with these cards – all tax-free. Click Here for Cash Back Credit Cards.



A generic well used and worn out platinum credit card.Student Cards (Click HERE):  Thanks to the Credit Card Act of 2009, if you’re younger than 21 years old, you need one of two things: proof of financial independence (i.e. income or savings) or a co-signer at least 21 years old. Click Here for Student Credit Cards.



low-interest-rates2Low Interest (Click HERE):  I strongly advise paying off a card in full. I also realize that is not always an option for everyone. Click Here for Low Interest Credit Cards.







Bad Credit Scores - People Depressed with Number HeadsBad Credit (Click HERE):  Things happen. If you have bad credit, you can still get a secured credit card. You put money on the card. Then you use the card and pay it off in full monthly. This gets reported to the credit bureaus – which improves your credit score. After about a year, you can apply for a non-secured credit card and keep moving in that positive direction. Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit.




miscellaneousMiscellaneous Rewards (Click HERE):   Some rewards are so weird and/or diverse that they cannot be categorized.  This is where you can find cards for miscellaneous points programs, gas stations and specific stores.  Check out these Miscellaneous Reward Credit Cards.