How To Get NFL Sunday Ticket


You can’t get NFL Sunday Ticket free anymore, but there is one severe discount that might work for you: The Student Discount Plan. If you do not have any eligible students to hook you up, you can still get $50 off the current prices until September 19th. Go here and click “Get NFL Sunday Ticket”.

Watch the video below to learn about your options. You do not have to subscribe to YouTube TV. You can buy the NFL Sunday Ticket package individually, as a stand-alone package. That’s what I did. If you do that, on gameday, you’ll sign in to YouTube and watch your game – as long as it is not already being broadcast locally, wherever you may be.

“But I can watch locally broadcast games if I subscribe to YouTube TV!” Yes, that’s because you also subscribe to YouTube TV. If you just wanna buy the NFL Sunday Ticket, without subscribing to YouTube TV, scroll to 3:54 in this video for the skinny.

As you will glean from the video below, YouTube and You Tube TV are two different things. Watch the video. Did I suggest watching the video? Yes, I did. Here’s the video:

00:00 | Introduction: Overview of NFL Sunday Ticket
00:41 | How do I buy NFL Sunday Ticket?
02:34 | What are the steps to buy NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV as an add-on?
03:54 | What are the steps to buy NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube as a standalone Primetime Channel?
| FAQ: Where is NFL Sunday Ticket available?
| FAQ: How do I know if my NFL Sunday Ticket purchase was successful?
| FAQ: Can I buy NFL Sunday Ticket using my Android or iOS device?
| FAQ: Can I make payments in monthly installments?
05:49 | FAQ: Can I get a refund after I’ve bought NFL Sunday Ticket?
| FAQ: Are there student plans available for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV and YouTube?
06:12 | FAQ: How can I know which games are available?
| FAQ: In my family group, how many people can watch NFL Sunday Ticket at once? 06:44 | Closing

Learn about NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube:…
Sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV:…
Sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube:…
Get live shows & sports on one screen with multiview:…
Create and manage a family group:…
Manage your home area or current location for YouTube TV:…
How to use YouTube TV to watch shows, sports, events, & movies:…
Get the NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan:…

Buy then Cancel

When NFLST was under DirecTV’s control, you were not allowed to cancel the next season until after the Super Bowl. Golly, I wonder if DirecTV thought people would forget and get re-subscribed at full price. Anywho, YouTube is not playing those games. You can buy NFLST and then immediately cancel next season’s auto-subscription – like I just did.

Now I will be eligible for next year’s discounts, like the $50 that is currently available now until September 19, 2023.

FYI: After cancelling, I received this email:



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