How to Fill Out a Business Credit Card Application


Some credit cards are designated for “business”.  Fear not.  You can be a business even if you don’t have a Corporation or LLC?  If you just said, “A what?” don’t worry about it – you don’t have one.

What you do is apply for the card as a “sole proprietor”, which the IRS defines as “someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself.”  It’s completely legal.  On the application put your name as the Business Name and your social security number as the TAX ID.  If asked, you are the owner.

If you have a little business on the side, you are a sole proprietor.  Are you an Uber driver, babysitter, nanny, handyman?  Heck, in Hollywood, I can’t swing a cat without hitting a dog walker… or a stand-up comedian or actor for that matter.  Or maybe you sell stuff online.  Congrats you’re a sole proprietor!


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