Arbitrage !!


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Video Transcript:

VO:  ChipsMoneyTips.  Starring Chip Chinery, with guest stars Socky, The Geezer and Pancho Pete – The Patron Saint of Online Banking, and introducing Annie.  Tonight’s episode: Arbitrage!!
(Act I)
Chip:  Hi everybody, welcome to ChipsMoneyTips, I’m Chip Chinery.  Today I’m going to talk about Arbitrage.
Socky:  What’s Arbitrage?
Chip: That is a VERY good question Socky.  To answer your question, let’s ask Annie…
Annie:  Arbitrage is profiting by exploiting price differences of identical or similar financial instruments, on different markets or in different forms.
Chip: In simple terms, and the best of circumstances, it is the possibility of a risk-free profit at zero cost.
Geezer:  I don’t get it.  I’m a geezer.  Old.
Chip: If you can borrow money at 0%, then turn around and invest it somewhere at guaranteed return of 3%, you made 3% with no risk.  That is arbitrage.
CUT TO Annie saying “Arbitrage”.

A few years ago, I made thousands of dollars a year doing this.
Socky: Pray tell, ChipsMoneyTips.
Chip: Well, I will pray tell you. Socky.

I would get a 0% balance transfer credit card, then have them dump the entire balance into an account where I was earning 5-6% interest – at an online bank.
No you don’t, Pancho Pete.  5-6% on $40K was $2,000-$2,400 a year!  Then in 2008, interest plummeted and cards started charging 3-5% transaction fees.  They checked our mate; parried our thrust; upped our jig!

Geezer: What the hell did you just say?  Give it to me straight – in Spanish!
Chip: No mas.

Now it’s 2012 and 0% balance transfer cards with NO Transfer fee are popping up again!  If you are watching this at, there are links below this video for those cards as well as some suggestions as to where you can put your free money so you can decide if you wanna dabble in a li’l ARBITRAGE!


  1. chip. thanks. sounds great. where is the link to suggestions about depositing the money?

    nice touch with adding the girl. guys our age, we need that. just like girls at a car show. keep her coming…so to speak.


  2. Thanks Jesse. There are links right underneath the video at One is for the Chase Slate 0% Balance Transfer card with no transfer fee. The other is for a credit union that will pay you 4.09% on your first $10K.

  3. Annie complements Socky and all the other characters well. I was wondering what your thoughts about using the slate card to pay down student loan debt at 6+% interest for even more arbitrage. I was just thinking about the cash flow issue isn’t as simple as depositing it into a bank for 15 months then paying it off at the end.

  4. Thanks Al. Would you be able to pay off all of your student loan debt by the end of the 15 month Slate period? If no, your Slate card rate will adjust to something higher than 6%. You should also look at how much of your student loan payment is interest. It has been many moons since I had a student loan. I do not recall whether or not they front loan the interest, like they do on a mortgage.


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