Two Deals for Spectrum Cable or Internet Subscribers


Deal #1:

Last week, 19 Disney-owned channels and seven ABC stations were yanked off Spectrum Cable. The Mouse couldn’t come to terms with Spectrum. Therefore, you currently can’t see stations you paid for, like ESPN, FX, Disney Channel, and National Geographic.

Peacock to the rescue! Spectrum has arrange for Spectrum Cable subscribers to get one year of Peacock Premium for free (unless you only subscribe to Spectrum’s Basic or TV Essentials packages).

If you don’t have Spectrum Cable, but do have Spectrum Internet – you’ll get 90 days of Peacock Premium for free.

Jump in there and get the free Peacock Premium before Spectrum and Disney resolve their kerfuffle. It worked easily for me! Then put a reminder in your calendar to cancel Peacock 12 months from now or you’ll get charged the monthly fee when your free year runs out. Click here to get the deal

Deal #2:

Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Get an extra $15/month off your Spectrum Cable bill. If you subscribe to Spectrum Cable, call them. Because of the Disney pullout, the person I spoke with said the standard refund they have been giving is $15/month. Done and done. When you call Spectrum, and the machine asks why you are calling, just say “cancel service”. Tell the person who picks up that you miss your Disney channels and want to know what discounts Spectrum is giving. They’ll offer you the $15/month off your bill. Easy.

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