See What Mail Is Coming Before It Arrives


The Post Office is rolling out a cool new FREE service called ”Informed Delivery”.  Sign up and you’ll get an email every morning containing images of the front each letter-sized piece of that day’s mail.  You can also login online to see the mail.

We live in a time when young toughs steal mail.  This way you’ll know if something important is coming that didn’t reach you.

  • Ever not receive a check that someone sent?
  • Maybe you got one of those $500 red-light speeding tickets but never received the notice – now the fine has doubled.
  • Your order of new checks never arrived and now some punk is writing checks you can’t cash.
  • We are in tax-refund season. Bad guys like being able to grab those obvious envelopes and nefariously take your money.
  • Maybe you have a nut-job roommate who poaches your mail.

It’s handy if you go out of town for a day or two, but don’t want to stop the mail for the 3-day minimum.  This way you can alert someone to grab your mail if there is an important piece.  See if it has hit your area here.According to the USPS, this service benefits the entire household, ensuring that everyone sees the mail each day, not just those that retrieve the mail from the physical mailbox.

Anyway, it’s free.  It’s cool.  It may point out that all you receive are bills and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, thus prodding you to get a penpal.

Here’s a recent email:



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