2011 Review: My Pappy, PODs and TODs


I wanna recap some 2011 Highlights:  My father passed away.  Wait, what?  Allow me to rephrase.  My pappy passed away in 2011, but we had his financial world in order.  It was free to do his “Estate Planning”.  That is something most every adult should do.  It’s a New Year.  Whaddyasay you bang it out?  Don’t cost nuthin’.  When all was said and done, we saved my dad’s estate, and thereby me and my siblings, $14,000.

My videos “Mother May I… Avoid Probate – Part One”, “Part Two” and “Part Three” will tell you what you need to know to save your heirs thousands.  You also might wanna check out the video of my pappy in healthier days karaoke-ing “Chantilly Lace”.

Your heirs will thank you for it.  And you’ll look pretty smart from the grave!


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