Put $ In Your IRA… But Don’t Buy Anything. What The?


Someone once said, “The stock market is like a crying baby that wants to be soothed.” If there is unusual upheaval in the world, the stock market gets upset.

Keep in mind that if you fund your IRA, you don’t have to immediately buy stocks/funds/etc. That money can just sit there as cash until you want to invest it – which can be never. It can just be in your IRA as cash. We have until Monday, April 18th to put money our IRAs for the 2021 tax year.

I bring this up because I believe it is wise to keep putting a li’l sumthin’ sumthin’ in your IRA every year – no matter how little. Keep that habit going.

Maybe your crystal ball says, “Don’t invest more in the stock market until Putin’s War settles down.”

I just funded my IRA for the 2021 tax year. But am waiting until the war on Ukraine settles down a bit before buying something with it. I like Vanguard’s VOO. It was at $420/share a month ago. Today it is $38/share lower. That’s almost a 10% drop.

I don’t know when will be a good time to invest. Heck, it could be today! Or not. I’m just saying that you should fund your IRA and keep it in there as cash if you are not ready to invest it.


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