uShip – A Cargo Carpool


If you watch A&E’s Shipping Wars, you’ve heard of uShip.  But maybe you don’t have to transport a yacht, a camel, or a 20 foot garden gnome.  Maybe your stuff is bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a Sherman tank.  uShip coordinates big and small.

It’s like a carpool, but instead of people, the cargo is… cargo.  What I think is cool about uShip (but is pretty boring TV), is that you can piggyback your items on a shipment that is going where you need your stuff to go.  The hauler gets some extra cash to fill his truck, and you get to ship your stuff for less money.  It’s a win-win!       In less than a minute, post a free listing of what you need shipped.  You will receive competing bids from customer-rated haulers for your shipment.  Set up your uShip account today.  It also works with eBay.


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