5 Free Songs on iTunes


Offer expires March 15, 2011

> American Express offer for 5 Free Songs on iTunes
> Chip stand-up CD “You Might Be A Redhead” on iTunes
> Chip’s actual CD (autographed if you like) “You Might Be A Redhead” with 3 bonus sketch comedy tracks (Fab #4, KPRA, and Steve Magazine)

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Video transcript:

Welcome to ChipsMoneyTips.  I’m Chip Chinery.  Hey dirty Hippie.  Do you like my psychadelics?  Ya want some free rock ‘n roll?  Well, I’ve got some for ya.

You can get 5 free downloads from iTunes.  Ohhhhh , but ya have to have an American Express card and unfortunately, you have bad hippie credit.  Hmmm.  Oh well!  You’ll feel better after you roll around in some patchouli oil.  That’s Hippie catnip.

But if you do have an American Express Card, simply enroll it and pay for any 5 songs with that Card, and AMEX will automatically refund that Card account for those 5 songs.  Not sure what to download?  Might I suggest the comedic stylings of regional EMMY award-winner Chip Chinery’s “You Might Be A Redhead“ stand-up comedy CD, available on iTunes.  If you are watching this at ChipsMoneyTips.com, right below this video you will find the link to the AMEX offer and the direct link to my CD – in case you don’t have an Amex card and want some Classic Chinery.

Tell your friends.  The offer Expires March 15th!  As for you dirty hippies, it’s back to the drum circle.

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  1. If I were a bettin’ man, I bet you’d get the offer on every card. I have not tried that. Of course, if you somehow are alerted to the AMEX Credit Card Cops, their T&C say that AMEX “reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual that it believes… to be acting in any manner deemed by AXP in its sole discretion to be improper…“. Let us know your results!

  2. Reader Grant asked “I see you recommended the American Express card to earn 5 free ITunes songs. Just wondered what you saw as the advantages of actually having the card given the hefty annual fee. I cancelled my Gold card 10 year ago and have saved (I think) $1250 in annual fees since then. My point / question /suggested topic is: Should you ever pay a fee for a credit card and why?”

  3. Hi Grant,
    That is a great comment/question. Regarding the iTunes 5 free songs offer, I think that was a good thing to take advantage of – if you already had an AMEX card.

    Personally, I do not have any credit cards that charge me an annual fee. I currently use a 2% cash-back credit card. The AMEX cards I have are the no annual fee variety.

    Years ago, I got the AMEX Delta SkyMiles credit card that waived the annual fee for the first year. When that was up, I switched to the no annual fee version that still gave me 1 Frequent Flyer mile for every $2 spent. But that card goes unused unless I am at CostCo – which requires an AMEX.

    If someone travels a lot, it might make sense to pay to have an airline branded AMEX card. For example, Delta SkyMiles AMEX is now $95/year. If you use an airline branded card to buy your plane ticket, depending upon your airline’s offers, you can get perks such as double miles and no charge for checking bags. The latter can save the cost of the annual fee if that is a perk your airline offers.

    Starwoods also offers great airline and hotel flexibility in their AMEX card which is $65/year. But unless one thinks they will recoup the annual fee in perks, I suggest sticking with a free card that pays cashback.


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