50,000 Free Miles on Continental/United


Unfortunately, this offer ended May 15, 2011. Click on “Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers” at the top right side of this website for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on these cards and more.  Email me if you have any questions about which card might be right for your situation.

> Transfer miles between Continental & United – and Vice Versa!

Video Transcript:
Welcome to ChipsMoneyTips.  I’m Chip Chinery.  I wanna show you something I saw in my brain…

Crazy Continental is Dealing!  You may have heard, Continental done got bought out by YOU-nited Airlines.  The merger’s happened – but I’ll be dog-goned if we didn’t find a gajillion frequent flyer miles in Continental’s Kitchen Cupboard.  We’re overstocked!!!  Everything must go – including those miles!  For a limited time – Get 50,000 FF miles for getting the Continental credit card.  No annual fee the first year.  When ya get the card, buy a stick of Beemans, buy a pack of shoelaces, or PayPal your ole Uncle Chip a buck for his birthday.  I don’t give a hoot what cha spend it on – just make one purchase, pay it off, and 50,000 miles are yours!  AND, because of the merger, you can transfer miles from United to Continental or vice versa. Yep, you heard me: Vice Versa!  If that ain’t Latin for ‘great deal’, I don’t know what is!

Folks, this deal is legit.  If you don’t do it, you may be a maroon.  Nay, an ultra maroon.  If you are watching this at ChipsMoneyTips, there is a link below this video that will take you to the 50,000 FF mile credit card offer, as well as the mileage transfer page.

So get on down to Crazy Continental and load up them miles!!


  1. So once I make one purchase, get the miles, and transfer them over to my United frequent flyer miles, I can cancel the card just like that? Or do I have to hang onto the card for a certain time?

  2. It’s that easy. If it were me (and it is/was because I took advantage of the offer a few months back when it was a measley 25K miles), before pulling the trigger to cancel the card, I would/will ask them if there is a free version of the Continental card. If you get a free (No-Annual Fee) card, which is often 1 mile for every $2 spent, this will enable you to keep your soon-to-be United miles from expiring. Remember that if you are approved for the 50K FF mile card, you have a year to decide what to do before an annual fee kicks in.

  3. I have received several emails asking about what 50K Frequent Flyer (FF) miles get you. Usually, 25K FF miles will get you a round trip coach ticket in the continental US. Generally speaking, the amount of FF miles to book a flight fluctuates like how much money it takes to book a flight: Supply and Demand. It is usually less expensive, when you use cash or FF miles, the further you book in advance. There is higher demand in summer and Holidays, so expect to have to pay with more cash or FF miles. But book far in advance, and you may be surprised at the sweet rates. My sister’s family of four flew out to Hollywood in the summer at 25,000 FF miles per coach ticket. If you know your dates – book early! – Chip

  4. “If you get a free (No-Annual Fee) card, which is often 1 mile for every $2 spent, this will enable you to keep your soon-to-be United miles from expiring.”

    I’m a little confused here. So you’re saying that the free miles only exist if I still have the card. In other words, I need to use the miles before I cancel the card. (And a free card would mean it would buy me more time to hang onto the miles without paying an annual fee). Correct?

    By the way, here’s the United Airlines Award Chart. The numbers are based on thousands of miles (50 = 50,000) and it’s only for one way, so you need to double it for round trips.



  5. Hi Kevin,
    The short answer to your original question is yes. You can get the credit card, buy something, pay it off, receive 50K Continental FF miles, transfer the miles to United and cancel the card. You do not have to have an active credit card to keep the FF miles in your account alive. Continental miles never expire, but United’s do after 18 months of no activity. In 2012, all aspects of Continental & United will be merged including FF miles. I suggested getting a free version of their credit card (hopefully 1 FF mile for every $2 spent like the kind of free United Bronze card I have now), so you could have an easy way to keep your United miles from expiring without flying. I looked at the United Awards Chart from your link. In the top left corner, where North America and North America intersect, Economy seats are 12.5 (12,500 each way) or 25K for a round trip. Then again, Economy is Coach and I know high-rollers like you won’t fly unless it’s Business Class!! Oh yeah…

    The credit card is a great deal!
    – Chip

  6. I got the card in time and made a purchase. I have to wait 6-8 weeks for everything to take effect. Thanks for the tip on your website!

  7. I received an application for the Chase card they offered 50,000 miles.
    I went to CHASE and had the Bank Employee fill out my application. Card came. Used it.
    Only 30,000 miles showed up on my statement…. Now I gotta go back in there and tell them!

  8. Marita, I suggest that you print off the offer that has all the details about the 50K miles. The banks and credit card companies have so many promotions that mistakes can happen when the incorrect code is plugged in when you apply. Be persistent if need be. You are right! – Chip

  9. Hey Chip…I want to do this…and I’m 3 days late. Any chance you have a # where I can see if they will still honor the offer? Or, do you know if they will extend it again??
    Thx!! 🙂

  10. Hi Frances, The 50K FF mile offer is gone, but you can still click on that link on my website and get 30K miles and a $50 statement credit. Not bad, just not as good as the 50K offer.

  11. Hi Chip – Guess what? I actually did this and got the 50,000 points. Yee-haw! Thanks for the tip – the Chip’s Money Tip . 🙂 Rona


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