What’s Your BackUp Plan?


carbonite_backup_plan_smMy agent instructed me to bring a passport to my audition for a spot that would shoot in Brazil.  At the casting office, I realized that my borderline OCD organization skills failed me.

I forgot it.  Then I realized I had scanned a copy of my passport into my computer at home.  Well played, borderline OCD!  So I whipped out my phone, clicked on my Carbonite app, and selected a file I cleverly called “Passport”.  Calamity avoided.

You can access any files you back up on Carbonite from any computer with internet access or smartphone.  That’s pretty handy.

Carbonite has a 15-Day Free Trial.  If you use this referral link to sign up, and decide to buy the service, you will get a $20 gift card.  You get unlimited backup to The Carbonite Cloud for only $5/month.  I just signed up for another 3 years.  I have over 500GB of photos, videos, music, spreadsheets and documents on Carbonite.

Carbonite automatically backs up your computer files in the background.  Thankfully I have not had to use Carbonite to get my files back in the event of theft, fire, or computer crash.  I have used it numerous times that I have accidentally deleted files.  I was able to instantly retrieve the backup version from Carbonite, and continue working.


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