I’ll Take “Back That Up” for $20, Alex


amazon20buckcardandgiftboxCARBONow though Thursday, January 3rd – Carbonite will give you a $20 Amazon gift card if you use my referral link to buy their computer file back-up service.  Try it for free for 15 days.  If you like it, it’s $59/year (that’s $1.14/week).  The first year is effectively $39 with the gift card.

I have used Carbonite to automatically back up my computer files for years. I have 500GB of photos, videos, music, spreadsheets and documents on Carbonite.

Thankfully, I have not had to use Carbonite to get my files back in the event of theft, fire, or computer crash. I have used it numerous times when I have accidentally deleted files. I was able to instantly retrieve the backup version from Carbonite, and continue working. You can even access any backed up files from any computer connected to the www – or even from your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry.

It’s well worth the $1.14/week for that peace of mind.

Check out your free trial now.  They will also give me a $20 gift card if you use my link. Many graciases in advance if you do so!


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