Easy $76+ from ING (thru July 3rd)


UPDATE for 2013 — ING DIRECT is now Capital One 360.

360 Checking (formerly Electric Orange)
360 Savings (formerly Orange Savings)
360 Kids Savings (formerly Kids Savings)
360 Money for Teens (formerly Money)

ING DIRECT is giving away a lot of cash.  Period.  You must act by Tuesday night.  If nothing else, get the first one and collect the easiest $76 you’ve made in a while.  Okay, the legalist easiestest.  It is something ANY adult can do:

$76 just for opening an ING Electric Orange account.  No Minimums.  Like I said – free money!  You will have to make five purchases in 45 days with the debit card they send you, so you will want to have some money in there to pay for your five purchases.  Go to the self-serve checkout at the grocery and buy 5 whatevers.  Done and done!  They’ll add $76 to your account by August 22nd.  If you and the significant other do it, you will have $152 to blow at a schmancy steak joint.  Okay, sushi.  I’m staying out of it.

Get another $76 bonus for referring two friends who successfully open an ING Orange Savings account.  Plus, each friend gets $25.  Then they could do the ING Electric Orange $76 thing as well.

Have you been meaning to move your 401(k)?  Here’s a great Incentive: Get $176 or $276 bonuses for rolling over your 401(k) into a no fee ShareBuilder IRA.

They also have promotions for Kids Savings Account and Money for Teens


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