AwardWallet – The Fix is In


Award Wallet is a free tool for tracking all of your rewards in one place. From frequent flyer miles, to hotel points, to free 7-Eleven Slurpees, they cover hundreds of different programs.  It‘s excellent.  They even have a free app.  People love apps.  I have an app that tracks how much I love apps.

AwardWallet is free.  When you register, if you type “ChipsMoneyTips” in the Coupon Code area, you will get six free months of the suped-up version called “AwardWallet Plus”.

Recently, American Airlines declared bankruptcy and that got ’em all cranky. They pulled AwardWallet’s access. Whatever. Don’t they know computer-geek trumps policy-wonk? AwardWallet has a work-around.

UPDATE 2/24/12: Tomorrow, the work around is no more.  American Airlines put the smack-down back down.  Attorney trumps computer-geek.  It’s paper covers rock, all over again.  AwardWallet is still an excellent, free program for tracking all your stuff even if AA doesn’t wanna play.

 It’s called the “AwardWallet browser extension”. So if you have an account and it looks like the image below, click the refresh arrows on the right and follow the instructions for the fix. Open your AwardWallet.



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