$200 Free from TD Ameritrade


Here’s a way for a couple Ben Franklins to occupy your wallet.  I realize some of the folks reading this are deep in debt, broke or darn near it.  This is a way to climb a couple rungs out of the hole with little effort and no credit report pull.  If you and your spouse do it individually, you will bring in $400 to your household.  Piece of cake!

I mentioned TD Ameritrade in my post about brokerage houses. If you don’t already have an account at TD Ameritrade, take literally five minutes and open one. I just did. Choose “Individual” then “Cash” account. It’s free! After your account is open, click here. Sign up for Online Bill Pay & Visa Debit card.

By March 31st, if you make four debit card purchases of at least $10 each you will get $100 cash.  I’m going to fill up my gas tank in four $10 increments.  One trip.  Done and done.

By March 31st, if you pay four bills totaling $100, that’s another $100.  The TD Ameritrade rep said that I can even pay my regular credit card bill with Bill Pay.  I just made four payments to my American Express, totaling $100.  That should do it.  And I just signed up for this an hour ago!

I’m not telling you this to scam the system, maaaan.  My goal with these types of promotions is to keep the requirements from hanging over my head by giving them a very brief stay on my To-Do list.  When all is said and done, I will not spend a penny more than usual on anything, and I will get $200.  Piece of cake.  I can leave that money in TD Ameritrade and invest with it.  Or I can pull the cash out and buy myself what I really want: A different ice cream cone every day this summer.  Offers are good for new debit card holders and new bill pay users only.

This account comes with free checks, no minimum balances, and no ATM fees anywhere.  If you get your statement electronically, they will waive the $2 monthly statement fee.  So, if you are paying for a checking account elsewhere, you might consider using this as your checking account.  You can have your work paycheck directly deposited, or mail in that and other checks.  They do not have many branches, but see if there is one near you and deposit it there.  This may be your new checking account!

Here’s the fine print all un-fined:


**Offer valid for TD Ameritrade clients who sign up for a TD Ameritrade Visa® debit card and/or bill pay by 3/31/12.  Clients who successfully sign up for the TD Ameritrade Visa® debit card and make 4 purchases valued at a minimum of $10 each by 3/31/12 will receive $100 cash.  Clients who successfully enroll in TD Ameritrade’s bill pay service and pay 4 bills totaling $100 by 3/31/12 will receive $100 cash.  Bill pay payments must be made to valid, third-party service providers or merchants. Any bill pay transactions prior to 1/15/12 will not be counted toward the offer.  Offer is not transferable and not valid with IRAs or other tax-exempt accounts, accounts using the Amerivest service, or TD Ameritrade Institutional accounts.  Offer not valid for existing debit card holders or bill pay users.  ATM withdrawals do not qualify as valid purchases.  Please allow 2-3 weeks from the date TD Ameritrade receives your request for Online Cash Services to receive your debit card. The $100 credits will be applied to the account 5-7 business days from offer end date of 3/31/12.  Limit one debit card offer and one bill pay offer per account. TD Ameritrade reserves the right to restrict or revoke this offer at any time. This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business. (Offer code: OCSDBT100 & OCSBP100).



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