The Password Is…


PasswordOddCoupleThe one sheet o’ paper you should fill out for your heirs is one with all of your usernames, passwords, and security questions to all the websites where you have assets.

You especially want to do this for loyalty programs such as frequent flyer mile, rental car and hotel point accounts.  Those miles/points can be worth thousands in free flights, rentals and stays.  Heck, use them to bring in family members in for the funeral.

As Airfarewatchdog reported, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing regarding inheriting frequent flyer miles.  Airlines’ policies vary from charging to transfer miles to saying the miles are forfeited on death.  Some airlines contradict their policy in practice.  They won’t give you a straight answer.  So don’t ask.

Sign into the deceased’s account and use their miles/points.  Just like how Aunt Millie could sign into her own account and get a plane ticket for you, in your name while she was alive, you could do the same for yourself after she passes.

Related topic: AwardWallet is a handy service that organizes hundreds of loyalty reward programs into one place.  So you can see exactly what you have where.  You can track also track other people’s accounts.  I use it to track my accounts as well as those of some family members.  It’s pretty handy.  Click here to try AwardWallet.


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