$1,120 in Free Gift Cards from Capital One


************** OFFER ENDED ************** April 5, 2011 ************************

> 50,000 Free Continental/United Frequent Flyer Miles
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Video Transcript:
Capital One has a “good” credit card offer that becomes a GREAT credit card offer – if you think $1,120 in gift cards is worth 10 minutes of your time.

(Enter SOCKY the sock puppet)
S: Don’t speak to the nice people that way.
C: Oh, hey Socky.  Whaddyamean?
S  You were being condescending.
C: I didn’t mean to be.  (motion with sock puppet hand) I am just enthusiastic about the offer.
S: Oh.  Continue.

It’s the Venture Miles card Alec Baldwin is promoting in commercials.  It gets GREAT if you happen to have a lot of airline FF miles.

Here’s the deal.  Apply for the card.  Once approved, you register online, and upload your airline FF mile statement from one of the 13 eligible airlines.  Upload whichever of your airline accounts has the most FF miles.  13 airlines are eligible.  Next step, spend $1,000 in 90 days.  After you spend the $1K, C1 will match the FF miles on the statement you submitted up to 100K.  And they’ll give you 10K bonus miles on top of that.  A bonus on top of a bonus.

Socky:   It’s a buh-bonus!
C: That’s right Socky, it’s a buh-bonus!

I suggest paying off a big bill that is coming up – like for insurance or perhaps donating to a charity.  Here’s what I did:  I applied, was approved, registered, uploaded a PDF of my Delta Skymiles statement showing over 100,000 miles in my account, and received my Capital One card.  Once I spend $1,000 in the next 90 days, Capital One will give me the following miles:  100,000 – Matching the miles I have at Delta.

Socky: What happens to your Delta Miles?

That is a VERY good question, Socky.  NOTHING.  I didn’t trade them or anything like that.  They are mine to keep.  Capital One just wants to see that you have FF miles elsewhere.

Socky:  Oh. Thank you.
C: You’re welcome.

10,000 – the new card member bonus for spending $1,000 in first 90 days.  And…
2,000 – for spending that $1,000

That comes to 112,000 Capital One miles.

Of course, things could change with the Capital One offer, but I doubt it since they are spending millions of dollars on the Alec Baldwin campaign alone.  So, as of right now, I will get 112,000 Capital One miles.  I could use them for travel, but they also have a slew of gift cards at restaurants, department stores and more.

I could take all of my Capital One Miles and redeem them for $1,120 in Exxon/Mobil gas cards.  It’s either gonna be that or a year’s supply of mani-pedies.

Socky: It’s important to look good.
C: True.

There is no annual fee the first year.  If you already have a Capital One Credit card, you might be able to upgrade that card to the Venture Miles card.  Call to see if you qualify.

You MAY have to have a credit card with one of the 13 airlines listed in the FAQ section #5 – but maybe not.  There is some ambiguity in this offer, but if you have a slew of FF miles, this is well worth the application.

If you have 40,000 miles at American Airlines for example, You’ll get 40,000 matched, plus 12,000 for spending $1,000.  That’s 52,000 worth $520 in gift cards.  That’s a greta offer.

Socky: Please, no more math.
C: Ok, Socky.

In case you don’t already a credit card at one of the 13 eligible airlines, I suggest you apply for a great Continental offer below.  If you are watching this at ChipsMoneyTips.com, the link to that offer is below this video, Thank you, Socky, as well as the Capital One Venture Miles application and FAQs.

You can also take advantage of this offer with the Venture Small Business credit card, but you must submit a FF mile statement from a different airline.

As always, do not get a credit card unless you will pay off the balance due every month – in full.  Offer ends May 13, 2011 or when 1 Billion miles have been matched.  So, you should sign up now – which reminds me.  If you want to receive emails the instant these posts go up, please subscribe at ChipsMoneyTips.com!

Socky (with his mouth closed but mine moving like normal):  And comment on this post to let us know what you think you’ll spend your Capital One miles on!
C:  Wow, Socky.  You are a really good ventriloquist!
S: Thank you.


  1. Your tips WORK! Just got a $1300 plane ticket FREE, from following your tips, Chip. We followed your tip for the Continental Airlines credit card, then the Capital One credit card, and it all worked just like you said. Used all those miles to get a $1300 plane ticket absolutely free. Thanks, Chip – that’s money in my pocket! I owe you one, bud!

  2. Chip: Thanks for the tip on Capital One.I use that card among others. I will not be using Chase until they give up some of their policies including supporting Planned Parenthood,the number one promoter and supplier of abortions in the nation.


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