Chase-Continental 25K FF mile Sweet Deal – (Part 2 of 2)


Offer good through December 31, 2010.
1) Go to and get a OnePass frequent flyer number
2) Go to and find where a branch is located near you
3) Chase Personal Checking offer
4) Chase Business Checking offer

Video Transcript:

What’s the catch?  Well, there is a catch.  But it is tiny.  Wee.  Dare I say it is a Catch, Jr.  As part of this deal, you must pay $25 for the personal checking debit card and $65 for the business checking debit card.  If you do both accounts, that’s a grand total of $90.  Not too shabby for two round trip tickets!

As a reminder, if you are watching this at, I have the links right below the video.  It might be helpful if you open up another window on your browser so you can pause my video while you do these actions.  Here is what I did:

1.  Go to and sign up for a OnePass number.  That is their frequent flyer program.  Make sure you write down that number, username and password

2.  Go to and find where a branch is located near you, because you should open the accounts in a branch.

3.  Click on the link below this video (here) to see the Chase Personal checking offer.  You don’t have to print this out, but I did, and took it in to the bank, in case I ran into someone who was not familiar with the offer.

4.  See that button that says “Checking Account Coupon”?  Click on that and print out the page that opens up.  You must take that into the bank.

5.  You will also want to click on the link below this video (here) for the Chase Business checking offer.  Print it out.

6.  You also need to click on this “Checking Account Coupon” button a print out the page that opens up here as well.  You must take that second coupon into the bank as well.

I haven’t heard so much clicking since I visited the Xhosa speaking tribes of South Africa, babe.  That’s my Dennis Miller with a head cold impression.  I figure if you can’t do a guy’s voice dead on – give him an ailment.  Hey Mahatma, can I abscond your kerchief; my nose is running like lava from Mount Pinatubo.

I hear some of you saying, “But Chip,  I don’t have a business.”  First of all, everyone seems to have some little business they do on the side.  Babysitting, Lawn Maintenance, an internet vlog about Money Tips – something.  They all count as a business.

When you open your Chase business account, let them know that your business is a “sole proprietorship”.  It will be opened under your name, just like your personal checking account was.  Otherwise, your LLC or Corporation will also work.  If you just said, “My what?” don’t worry about it – you don’t have one.  You will open up a sole proprietorship.  If you want to open something in your company name, you will need to bring that documentation into Chase.  The easiest thing: open it as a sole proprietorship.  That’s what I did.

And, you can read the fine print on the coupon offers, but for me, this was the easiest thing to do:  Bring in the coupon codes that you printed out and two blank checks from your current, non-Chase checking account, or else cash.  Open the personal account with $100.  Open the business account as a sole proprietorship with $500.  Remember, that is your money, so it does not “cost” you that money to open the accounts – it’s still your money and it will be waiting for you in your new Chase checking accounts.

The personal debit card costs $25.  The business debit card costs $65.  They will deduct those fees from your opening deposit.  Do NOT get the $65 personal debit card.  The $25 personal debit card is all you need to get the FF miles.

In a week your debit cards will arrive.  Do what I did: get in your car and take those cards out for a tour of your five favorite gas stations, and charge a few bucks on each card.  My goal was to get the required minimum of five debit card purchases off my brain in one fell swoop.  Well, in one fell 25 minutes to be precise.  You must treat the debit card like a credit card – meaning selecting “credit” at the pump, NOT “debit”, and NOT entering your PIN number.

My Chase representative told me that there are no monthly minimum requirements for the personal checking, but there are on the business checking.  She said you must do one of three things to avoid the monthly fee: Keep $5k in the checking account, use your DEBIT card 5 times per month, or have a Chase Business CREDIT card (not your debit card) linked to the business checking account.

I hope you have as much fun with your 50K FF miles, as I did.  I used mine to book a trip to Buenos Aires for the Carbon Footprint Awareness Conference, with Ed Begley, Jr.   What?


  1. Thanks Chip! I followed your directions and now have 50,000 miles coming my way. I even had the bank print out the coupon from their printer! Saved money on my own ink-jet printer.


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