$1,020 in FREE cash from VirtualBank.com


VirtualBank posted on their site: “We are making changes to our Refer a Friend program and are not taking referrals at this time. If you have referred friends in the past, we thank you very much.”  Easy come easy go.  But, you can still enjoy the video…

> Ask me for a referral: chip@chipsmoneytips.com
> To confirm that a bank is FDIC Insured

Video Transcript:

Hi Everybody, welcome to Chip’s Money Tips.  I’m Chip Chinery.  Today I wanna tell you about a bank that will give you over $1,000 free.  And no, the bank is not in Nigeria.  VirtualBank is an actual FDIC insured bank, owned by Lydian Private Bank, based in Florida.  But it has no branches.  “Branches?  We don’t need no stinking branches!” It’s an online bank.  They know that may weird some people out, so they have a pretty great promotion, which they’ve had for years, which can bring you over a thousand dollars.

Here’s whatcha do:  Get a referral from someone who already has an account at VirtualBank – like me for example –  and open an eMoneyMarket account with $100.  Once you do that, you will get a $20 bonus, free and clear, just for opening the account.  After 10 days, you can even withdraw all the money you deposited, plus your $20 bonus, leaving a zero balance.  Just don’t officially close your account for 90 days.  Basically, VirtualBank is so sure you’ll like them; they are paying you $20 to try it.

And whoever recommended you – like me for example – gets $20, too.  Hello Andy Jackson.  And that’s how you make the other thousand dollars. Once you have your own VirtualBank account they’ll pay you twenty bucks for everyone you refer who opens an account like you did, up to fifty times.  So, go tell your friends, family, co-workers, and so on and so on and so on…

I have had a VirtualBank account for years.  I got a referral to open my account.  I got $20 and the person who referred me got $20.  And I have received $20 for every person I referred.  And the people I referred got $20 as well.  It’s not a scam.

Like I said, your money is FDIC insured just like it is at your regular “brick and mortar” bank down the street.  Because they have no branches, they have less overhead and they usually pay higher interest than regular banks.  This is great place to get your feet wet in the online banking pool… pool and a pond.  The pond would be… There’s always room for a Caddyshack reference.

To recap: Getting referred to Virtual Bank and opening an eMoneyMarket acount with at least $100 and leaving it there for 10 days  = $20.  Referring up to 50 people to Virtual Bank at $20 a pop – that is a cool thousand.  (Virtual Bank 50 x $20 = $1000).  That comes to $1,020 in free money.

If you want a referral, shoot me an email at chip@chipsmoneytips.com.  Because referrals are limited, please make sure you are ready to open your account with at least $100 before asking for a referral, because you will only have 30 days to open your eMoneyMarket account and get your $20 bonus, once you request a referral.

If you are watching this on my website, ChipsMoneyTips.com, there might be a VirtualBank ad next to this video that you can click to get more info, or even to open an account without my referral – But remember, if you open the account without a referral, you will not get the $20 sign up bonus.

So, if you want the referral, shoot me an email to chip@chipsmoneytips.com,  and go get over a thousand bucks free for you and your friends!


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