Peacock Premium – 3 Months Free


Hey Android phone peeps. If you download the Peacock TV app and give them your email, they’ll send an email with a promo code that gives you three months of Peacock Premium for free.

Peacock TV has three tiers: Free (has ads), Premium (unlocks the full library, but has ads) and Premium Plus (full library, but no ads).

Some of the fine print regarding “Offer Duration; Redemption” says:

Codes that are not redeemed by the specified redemption date will be void.
Access Periods, Code delivery dates, and redemption dates are as follows:
(i) Codes delivered between July 15 – August 14 will have an Access Period of 90 days; must be redeemed by August 31.
(ii) Codes delivered between August 15 – September 14 will have an Access Period of 60 days; must be redeemed by September 30.
(iii) Codes delivered between September 15 – October 15 will have an Access Period of 30 days; must be redeemed by October 31.
Users can start their Access Period by signing up for Peacock Premium and using the Code at the time of enrollment.

If you are wondering if you and your Android couch potato buddy can stack these codes for 180 days of free Peacock Premium. It does not look like it. The longer you wait to redeem the shorter your free Peacock Premium period.

If you redeemed today, August 11th, you’d have 90 days free. Your 82nd day is October 31. That’s the last day one can redeem. So if you had another person in your household sign up and redeemed on the last day, October 31, for 30 days, one of you two would have it free through November.


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