$125 from SoFi Money


SoFi Money will give you $50 if you open an account with my referral link and then fund it with at least $500. Once your account is open, send YOUR referral link to friends and family. You’ll get $50 for every person who uses your link to open and fund their account.

Thanks for using my link to get the ball rolling! Yes, that is my legal first name that you see on the landing page. You can earn up to $10,000 in referral bonuses! This is a helluvalot better than the old perk for opening a bank account: A toaster.

“$50 is nice. What about the other $75 you mentioned?”

If you already have a SoFi Money account (or are about to open one using my referral link) you can pick up an extra $75 when you receive $500 or more in direct deposits from your employer.

From what I read in the newspapers and heard on the nightly news, lots of folks are unemployed by The ‘Rona. If  you are currently unemployed, you might be able to have your unemployment check direct deposited into your SoFi Money account to meet this requirement.

I confirmed with SoFi’s customer service rep that there is no hard credit inquiry, therefore your credit score does NOT take a hit. There is also no amount of time that you must leave your funds in there.

If it sounds too good to be true, think of it this way. These sign up and referral bonuses are SoFi’s way of paying for a social media advertising campaign. Instead of paying for ads, they pay bonuses for new customers who sign up and refer friends and family. Their website says they have paid out over $2 million in bonuses. I’m going to assume they got more than that in publicity and word of mouth. Heck, I’m giving them free publicity now!

You need to be 18 years old to open a SoFi Money account.


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