Uber Review (and Free Ride Link)


UberGlassWith all the Christmas and New Year’s parties, there may be times when you should leave your car and grab a cab.

Grabacab is also the name of my favorite Genesis song.

You might wanna give Uber a whirl.  If you haven’t heard of Uber, it is an easy to use car service that is comparably priced to a cab.  Heck, that’s what it is even if you have heard of Uber.  It’s pretty simple.  Request a car from the app on your phone.  The closest one will pick you up in minutes.  You can even track them on the app.

(Updated 1/5/17)  If you sign up for Uber by clicking on my link which contains the promo code “uberChipCheese”, you’ll get $20 off your first Uber ride, and I’ll get $20 off my next ride too.

Once you are ready to try Uber, open the app, and choose which type of ride you want: UberX, Black Car or SUV.  You can also get a Fare Quote right there to help you make a decision.

Here are some actual Uber estimates that I got versus a taxi cab.  This is one way from my home in The Valley to LAX airport:

Uber SUV: $109-$133 (Good choice for a big group)
Uber Black Car: $81-$98 (You wanna look like a bigshot)
UberX: $44-$55 (Bigshot smigshot, you just need a ride)
Yellow Cab: $85-$90 (+ tip)

Uber fares include the tip and are automatically charged to the card you put on file.

Once you have accepted a ride, you will get a photo of the driver, the car and where Hobson is in relation to your home.  Uber drivers get rated, and so do the passengers.  So if you are a jerk or like emptying your stomach in strangers’ cars, stick with the cab.

Wanna Make Some Extra Money?
UberX has you riding in a fellow citizen’s car.  It is the least expensive option.  If you want to be that fellow citizen driver, this is also a great opportunity to make some extra cash, anytime you want, as an UberX driver.  All drivers go through background and DMV checks.  Read about how UberX works.

A big hat tip to my friend Nelson, an Uber aficionado, for rounding out my Uber intel.