I Feel Like Quicken Tonight (2014)


I’ve been using Quicken for years.  If you wanna dip your Fred Flintstone sized big toe in the Quicken pool, there is a Mac version and five PC versions.  I think the Quicken Starter Edition for PC will do just fine.  They all come with a 60-day money back guarantee. You might give it a whirl for a couple months.

I started with Quicken Deluxe, never tried Quicken Premier, and now use Quicken Home & Business.  Why’d I do that?  Because I got a free upgrade!

One of the greatest things about Quicken is that with one click, it will go out to all of your financial accounts and bring in all of your new transactions. It goes to your checking, savings, CDs, credit cards, stock, retirement and brokerage accounts – and scrapes in the new info. You can see your empire in one place!

It makes tax time quick and painless – especially if you itemize deductions.

Another great feature is that Quicken 2014 comes with a free Quicken App that syncs your desktop and your iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Now you will know exactly where your finances stand, even if you are out of town. No need to check into several bank websites. It’s all in the free Quicken app. I whipped up a li’l Chip’s Money Tips example of a Quicken account for you screenshot lovers:

Quicken 2014Every morning, I click on the blue circular arrow in my actual file to send Quicken on its errands to all my accounts. A minute later, any new transactions show up with a red flag next to the account. I click on the file and make sure the new transaction is kosher. I accept it and the red flag goes away. You will also be alerted for bills and income reminders.

New for 2014

The 2014 App comes with the ability for you to snap a photo of your receipt and attach that to the transaction.  When you sync your mobile app into the cloud thingy, then sync your desktop, the attachment will show up on your desktop like the magic that it is.

Quicken alerts me to any Shenanigans

As you may know, I’m a sucker for sweet credit card promotions that give me free stuff. So, I have a couple dozen credit cards. Quicken keeps track of ALL those for me. If a charge shows up that I didn’t make, I know about it.

I charge everything possible on a credit card to maximize rewards (before paying it off in full). To improve my credit score, I pay the bill a couple days before the statement drops. Quicken alerts me when to do that. If a non-credit card bill is due, I know about that too.


I can tell you to the penny how much I spent “Dining Out” or at “Amazon” or even how much I made pre and post-tax on The Arsenio Hall Show. If you are struggling to save any money, Quicken can create a budget for you. You can do a lot more stuff with Quicken, than you can with free personal software like Mint. I even made reports that show how much I made in SAG & AFTRA actor unions. I also broke it down to show me how much I made from each payroll company – which can be very handy.

As they say at Faber College “Knowledge is Good”. Check out the Quicken videos below. Their YouTube channel also has a slew of great tutorials in case you have any questions after downloading your Quicken.  This guy also made several great video tutorials for Quicken Essentials for Mac.

You can download the software immediately, by clicking on these links for your Mac or PC.  Remember, you have a 60-day money back guarantee.  Try it… You’ll like it…

If you already use Quicken, check the prices on the following links at Amazon where it may be less expensive to download Quicken Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business.



How Quicken Syncs with the App:

At 1:06 – “Splitting transactions is easy” – That feature does not currently work on the app. No biggie. Just making you aware.

Quicken Overview:

 How to Capture Receipts (34 seconds in)

 You Can Capture More Than Just Receipts



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