Shoeboxed (Update) = Inexpensive Cyber-Bookkeeper


If you are staring at a shoebox full of receipts that you must plow through before doing your taxes, NOW might be the time to try  They have a 30 day trial for all of their plans.

You could even send them ALL of your 2012 receipts.  Get them back lickity-split for doing your taxes.  The free trial covers 50 documents.  More than 50 and you’ll have to pay for a plan (see below).  You can drop down to any plan at any time, including “Forever Free” – which is free… forever.

I am weird. For me, entering transactions in my accounting software is like soaking in a hot tub on a chilly, star-filled night. Reconciling a bank statement is like getting a shoulder massage. Assimilating data is a Q-Tip twirling in my ear. Me likie!

Shoeboxed would deprive me of these simple pleasures. Since most of you are not in my camp, you might give their 30-day free trial a whirl. Click “Read More” for the scoop and video demo >>>

In a nutshell, mail in your shoebox full of receipts. Shoeboxed scans and enters the data from your documents. They use real human beings to verify the information. You can also snap photos with your phone and send in those for entry as you spend. They organize everything for you in your online account. This info can also be imported into many software programs. It’s an excellent bookkeeper.

Get the 30-day free trial on all plans. Paid plans start at $9.95/month.


Get two months free if you end up getting a year of a paid plan!



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