PodCASHt: Poker Champ Jamie Gold


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2006 World Series of Poker Champion Jamie Gold sets the record straight about his Main Event “investor”, needing bodyguards, rumors that he’s broke, collusion in poker  – and much more.  Play against Jamie this Sunday, October 7th at FreeGoldPoker.com

If you want some free money for your poker jones, how about $250?  If you get a Chase Ink Bold Charge card, and make only ONE purchase, you will get $250!!  (offer expired).  This is a business card, but anyone can be a business.  That’s called being a “sole proprietor”.  If that sounds like you, here is how you should fill out the application.

Here is the IRS definition of a “Sole Proprietor”. Will your credit score drop if you apply for new credit?  FICO says, “If it does, it probably won’t drop much.”

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