I want my MTV, or… 80 Bucks!!


I just got $80 off DirecTV because of the Viacom kerfuffle.  As you may know, Viacom pulled its channels off DirecTV, while they try to hash out a deal.  That ain’t my problem!  A quick call to DirecTV’s Customer Retention department to complain yielded an $80 credit.  That is on top of the $43/month in savings I already get.  Call DirecTV now, before they make nicey-nice with Viacom.

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  1. Chip, you are the MAN! They wouldn’t put me through to customer retention at first, then offered me $10, then $15. I said that wasn’t enough to satisfy me and I wanted to talk to customer retention. When I get there, right off the bat, they offered me $240! Maybe I should have bargained harder, but I took the $240. yay Chip!

  2. I did not have such an easy go of this. Trying to get a human on the phone was the first hurdle — I find just screaming like a lunatic helps. My gal in Customer Retention gave me $10 off every month for a year, which I gladly accepted.

  3. On the line with Direct TV right now. Jeez, it’s like pulling teeth to get anything from these people. First they offered me the Encore Pack for free for 3 months. I told them I don’t need any more channels, I want Nickelodeon. My kids are out of school for summer and that’s practically the only channel they watch. Then She offered me $5 off my bill for 3 months. I said that wasn’t enough She offered $10.00 for 3 months. That’s not $80. She said that was all that she could do so I asked for someone higher up.

    Her supervisor gave me the same routine. Told me he was only authorized to give $5 off for 3 months. I told him that I knew that wasn’t true, that I’ve been a loyal DTV customer for many years and was thinking of switching to Time Warner because my bill is already too high. He said he was sure the channels would be back on by next week. I said, “really? how would you know that.”

    That’s when I told him that my friend got an $80 credit. He said that was impossible. I said I was looking at it right now, he posted it on his website. Then I reminded him that I’ve given Direct TV thousands of dollars over the years and that would stop if they weren’t able to satisfy me.

    He offered $10 off my bill for TWELVE months. I took it. Man, it took a lot of squeaking to get the grease

  4. Nicely done. Always get to Customer Retention. Their first line of defense doesn’t isn’t allowed in the goodie closet.

  5. Maybe because I have a very expensive package? I have just about everything but the soft core porn channels. Which I can now get thanks to Chip! Ok, not really.

  6. Hey Chip, just wanted to say “thanks” for the heads up with DirecTV… I called..I squealed… i came away with $75.00 worth of credits!!!!
    Thank you pal, for looking out for us!!!!

  7. Holy crap, Chip. Thanks for bringing this up. Called today, said immediately I wanted to cancel. They said okay, we’ll cancel today – I said whoa whoa whoa, I don’t REALLY want to cancel, but my wife is pissed that she can’t watch her favorite shows. He gave me a total of $354 off for the next 12 months!! You’re the man, Chip. Miss seeing your beautiful face at Codger ball…

  8. Oh Chippy, Myra got us one better. Because I’m forever locked into being a Cleveland Browns fan, I have been buying their NFL package. Last year it was up to $300 some. Myra called and said she was upset that we have been loyal customers for over 10 years, but all the great offers are only for new customers. They offered her a $100 discount on the package. She said she’d rather cancel. Kaboom! “How about free for this year?” “What’s the catch?” “If you cancel, you have to pay $10 for each month left on the year.” (ie It’s July. We cancel in October, we pay $80.) Done. Of course, the next day I learned that the Brown’s were being sold, but that is the 50 Shades of Brown that you expect as a Brown’s fan….


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