UPDATE: Lipitor Gone Rogue !!


Do you have cheese in your veins?  Do you count deep fried potato skins as a vegetable?  Do you believe with unbridled fervor that ranch dressing is the greatest invention since the ball peen hammer?  If so, you are probably one of the gajillion folks like me who pop Lipitor like Tic Tacs.

Lipitor had a good run with its cholesterol-lowering medication, but its patent expired.  Alas, you can click here to get the real-deal Lipitor for only $4 per month.

UPDATE: When I first wrote about this back in November, you only had to pay $4 for any monthly prescription of $54 or less.  They bumped it up to $79 or less, for a monthly savings of up to $75.  Mmm… bacon.  They also extended this offer through 2014!

Baseball great Satchel Paige once said, “Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood.”  Too bad he died before Lipitor came along or he might have enjoyed a chicken finger or two.  Get a month’s supply of cholesterol medication for the price of a Whopper.  That having been said, ya might wanna hold off on your cholesterol blood test until after that cheddar dog runs its course.

> Check out Lipitor For You to sign up for the $4/month co-pay card.


  1. Chip… we just want to thank you and your money tips for the $4 Lipitor tip. Based on what we were paying with our insurance, this tip will save us $750 between now and 12/31/14 when the card expires. That’s some serious change — and we can use it!!!!

    Thanks again.

    Marian and Nelson


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