Craigslist for Coupons = Big Savings


If you plan on sprucing up your house, pad, crib, hizzy, or tornado magnet (as the kids say), check out Craigslist for some coupons.  I rehabbed my rental houses in 2009.  Since my Lowe’s and Home Depot honor each other’s 10% off coupons, I jumped on Craigslist and bought several for just a few bucks.  It saved me hundreds!  These coupons come from many sources.  I even got one from a USPS Change of Address packet.  If it is slim pickins locally, give Search Tempest a whirl to cast a wider net of Craigslisters.

Get an additional 5% cashback from April 1st through June 30th, by using your Citi Dividend card at Home Depot.  Watch my Home Depot commercial from 2003.    

If the coupon is something that can be emailed, there is always the possibility that someone could sell it to you as well as a gaggle of other deal-seekers.  If that is the case, it would only work for the first one to use it.  Caveat Emptor.  I picked up mine from the lady at her new house.  Seemed legit and was.

The Citi Dividend card has rotating 5% off categories every quarter and never has an annual fee.  From April 1st through June 30th, get 5% off at Home Depot and on Home Furnishing and Home & Garden purchases.   Right now, you can get $200 cash back after $500 in purchases within the first 3 months of account opening.

Click on Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on this card and more.  Email me if you have any questions about which card might be right for your situation.


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