Toaster Schmoaster… I want my Free 24 inch HD Monitor!!


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Video Transcript:
Welcome to – I’m Chip Chinery.

In the Olden Days, which is the period between Yesteryear and Days of Yore, financial institutions would give you a toaster for opening up an account.  Well, now, everyone who wants a toaster, pretty much has one – so they had to up their game.  How would you like a brand new 24” Dell HD monitor – for free?

If you are watching this at, please click on the referral link right beneath this video to open up an account at OptionsHouse.  Options House is SIPC insured, so your money is safe.  Deposit as little as $5,000 and they’ll send you a free 24” HD Dell monitor.  You can get bigger monitors if you deposit more money.

The catch: You must leave the money in the account for 180 days.  But that’s it!

Is it worth it?  Let’s break it down, Bobby Brown.  The monitor currently sells for $220 + tax.  In California, that comes to $241.

Now, if you have $5K sitting in a high interest account, like ING Direct’s Orange Savings account or Electric Orange Checking – accounts that will actually pay you to try them out, click on the link below this video at to learn more, you’d only earn $25 in interest on $5K over the next 180 days.  And have to pay income tax on that $25.

If you put that $5K in OptionsHouse for six months, you’d only earn about 30 cents in interest – but you’d get the free 24” HD monitor worth 240 bucks.

“But won’t they send me a 1099 saying that I got a $240 monitor?”  NO!  The fine print for this offer says this 24” monitor premium will NOT get reported to the taxman, maaaan.  Only the 27 and 30” monitors get reported.

So if you have $5K that you won’t need for 180 days, you might wanna check out OptionsHouse and take them up on this promotion.  Use it as a second monitor, give as gift, sell it on ebay, or watch your stories on it like the kids do with the Hulu.  Maybe you have 10K sitting around and you get one and your significant other gets one.  Then you will have a really sweet setup like mine.

Click on the link below and tell them “I want my HD!”


  1. You’ve been so helpful! Truly some great tips. I appreciate it and it comes wrapped around the funny. Delicious.


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