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Video Transcript:
Welcome to ChipsMoneyTips, I’m Chip Chinery.  I want to warn you that my hair is getting large.  It has entered what I call The Five Day Window.  Day One – it looks good.  But if I don’t get a haircut by Day 5 – I look like Conway Twitty.

Coincidentally, this is a 5 day series on how to get out of credit card debt, in which I will give you 4 of my favorite ways to do that.  I hear ya (viewers), “5 parts but only 4 options.  That doesn’t add up.”  What sort of Enron-style accounting is this, ChipsMoneyTips?!!

Well, this first video, which will be followed by 4 videos of suggested options, is about – a quick and easy tool that will tell you how you got into credit card debt by showing you where you spent your money.  It’s free, anonymous, and safe.

There are other ways you could track your spending, like in Excel spreadsheets, personal accounting software, or pencil and paper – but is free and easy.  Aside from initial 5 minute set-up, you don’t have to do anything.  It does all the work for you.  Repeat – it does all the work for you.  It’s like a 1970s hairdo.  You set it and forget it.  Twitty!  But maybe letting something do all the work for you is too much work for you…

Cuz that’s what it comes down to, right?  We don’t track our spending, because for most of us, the idea of keeping ledgers and categorized expenditures is soul killing.  It ranks up there next to chewing aluminum foil, brushing your teeth then drinking orange juice, and having someone repeatedly run over the back of your heels with a shopping cart.

If you are watching this at, there is a referral link right below this video that will take you to  It is free for you whether you sign up by clicking on my link or not.  But in the interest of full disclosure, if you click on my link, sign up and try it out, I get 3 bucks from  It’s like you are buying me a cyber-beer for the tip.  Mmm.  Cyber-beeeer.

But WHY do you need to track your spending?  Simple.  Because not knowing is just guessing, and you have guessed your way into debt.  We cannot improve what we do not measure.

Most of us have no clue where our money actually goes.  Every single person I have counseled about getting out of credit card debt says the same thing: “I don’t buy anything crazy…”  I said the same thing when I was in credit card debt.  I have yet to run into one who said, “Chip, I spent like a jackass!  Or worse, a professional athlete.”

If you are in debt, will show you how you got there, in snazzy charts and graphs.  When you discover that instead of spending “a few bucks a week” on coffee, shows you that you spent $2,317.45 at Starbucks last year, you have a starting point for change.  Why wonder if you eat out too much when will tell you that you spent $8,900 at The Burger Barge?”  As they used to say at ol’ Faber College, “Knowledge is good.” can show you where you can make spending cuts.

Now, I’m gonna go see if I can get my doo lowered.  Click on the link and check out  Hello Darlin’.  Uh oh, I’m starting to Twitty…


  1. You are a very funny guy : )
    I’m not in Debt…. but want to check MINT OUT NOW just because you said to.


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