What is this “ChipsMoneyTips” of which you speak ?


Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to Chips Money Tips.  I’m Chip Chinery.  The purpose of this vlog is to educate you about how to manage your money.

Wait, there’s more!  The music track of the opening sequence, is played live, on a record?  Yeeeah, that’s believable.

It is true that I hope to give you some useful information here, but no one wants to be “schooled”.  I admit it – I tried to sneak the word “educate” past you, like when you hide your dog’s pill in a chunk of cheese.  Whom am I, but a man of letters with a website?

Truth is… I’m really good about managing my money.  And not just because they have yet to invent a crowbar thin enough to wedge itself into my wallet.

I started this blog to share what I know.   Hopefully, this will be somewhat entertaining, and at least informative –  to all you millionaires, thousandaires and those aspiring to be.  I’m not going to give you stock tips or sell you on a “system”.  I just want to give you some handy financial information, so you can tie up your loose ends land have a strong foundation – rich or poor.  And… I’ll tell you how to get some free money.

I hope you find this information helpful, subscribe and spread the word.  I ask that you eBlast your friends about this awesome Chip’s Money Tips ePportunity.  Tweet it.  Link it on your Facebook, your MySpace, your Friendster (yeah, I’m old school).

I also encourage you to ask questions, and leave comments & suggestion for future topics.  Get your record cued up.  Here comes my dismount… Enjoy!



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