AutoSlash: Rental Car Search Engine


Why walk from the airport, over the river and through the woods for Grammy’s Christmas roast beast?  If you need an inexpensive rental car, check out AutoSlash.
Plug in the When and the Where and they’ll hold a car for you.  Don’t cost nuthin’.  Best of all, they automatically keep checking for lower prices and rebook you at that lower price – then send you an email with the details.  They do not have every rental car company, but no search engine does.  I suggest you set this reservation in motion, then hunt for a better deal if you think you can find one.  AutoSlash is my go-to.  So far, for this Christmas, my four day rental has dropped three times, from an already low $115 to $79.  Nothing else has beaten it.

Here is the video I did last year about AutoSlash:


  1. Thanks Chip that was perfect timing, I had checked online at my normal agency last night and I was about to rent a car this morning, then I saw your tip about Auto Slash, I saved a couple bucks and got a significant upgrade on my car. U da man!
    Risky Betts

  2. Chip, a little update about Auto Slash….I got an e-mail the next morning and the rate at the same carrier had somehow been reduced over 25%!!!
    Awesome site, thanks again,


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