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I just got NFL Sunday Ticket MAX ($330 sticker price) for free. I’m on a nice little run here. I’ve gotten NFL Sunday Ticket for free – 3 years in a row!

Here are a few ways you can get it free:

A) You could steal it. But, it’s probably best to not spend the 7th day resting while simultaneously shattering one of The Commandments.

B) You can get it free if you are a new customer to DirecTV_Refer_Friend-smDirecTV, and sign a two-year contract with the “Choice” package or higher. If you are going to be a new customer to DirecTV, you can also get $100 off if you are referred by someone who has it. The referrer also gets $100 in statement credits. Order online at or by calling 1-800-507-4045. Please give them my account number 15929124 when asked who referred you – so we can both get rich. Rich, I tell you. RICH!

C) If you are already a DirecTV subscriber and eschew thievery, here’s one way I got it free. I called DirecTV. I told the robot that I wanted “Customer Retention”. This got me a human.  If you aren’t going to utter the words “Customer Retention” – just hang up the phone. You are wasting your time.

In 2013, I politely asked MJ in Customer Retention if there was any way I could get NFL Sunday Ticket for free. MJ looked at my account, which is already maxed out with discounts, and said she could give me NFL Sunday Ticket for free if I agreed to keep DirecTV for a year. This did not extend my contract a year. I just can’t cancel DirecTV for 12 months or I’d have to pay a cancellation fee of $10/month. Your results may vary, but it’s worth a call. Done and done. I saved $224.95.

In 2014, I had a different experience.  On my first call, they only offered to drop the price $48.  No bueno.  FYI: 2014 price for NFL Sunday Ticket is now $239.94.  NFL Sunday Ticket MAX is $329.94.

I called back a few days later.  I simply asked Tiffany in Customer Retention, “Is there any way I can get NFL Sunday Ticket for free?”  She could not offer me anything off the regular package, but said she could get me NFL Sunday Ticket MAX for half-price or $164.97.  This is the package that allows one to play it on multiple devices, among other things.

I thanked her but said that was more than I wanted to spend.  She asked me if I had seen other offers from competitors.  I said I knew they existed, but had not pursued them.

She said that they valued my long-time loyalty, so she was able to drop another $100 off the price.  Now we are at $64.97.  That’s only $4/game.  I would have accepted that, but figured I had one more move.  I thanked her, but asked if there was any way I could work out some kind of discount for the less expensive regular package, so I would have less out of pocket.

Tiffany said because of my long time loyalty and perfect payment record, she could give me a one time courtesy credit of $64.97.  TOUCHDOWN!  What surprised me the most is that I didn’t have to try very hard.  Give it a shot!

NOTE: If you had NFL Sunday Ticket last year, you will automatically get billed for it. You have until the season starts to cancel that. I cancelled the auto-billing on my account before making the calls to Customer Retention.

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  1. Shannon

    I tried for the third time today without success. I don’t know what I am doing wrong!!!!!!!!!! I keep mentioning that they offer it for free to existing customers, but the most I got it 15 dollars off my bill. I guess I will try again tomorrow. Aghhhh

  2. Chip

    Do you ask the representative if they are in “customer retention”?

  3. Roger

    I just got off the phone with DTV……first asked for customer service about a Sunday ticket deal, the guy said there were no offers, so I then asked for customer retention. Very nice lady came on the line and I was telling her that I was no longer interested in the Sunday ticket, so she said they would take it off the bill. Without saying anything else, she then proceeded to tell me that since I have been a DTV customer for 15 years they have some loyalty discounts. The Sunday ticket is $240 and this what they gave me….

    $15 off for the next 15 months= $225
    $5 off for the next 24 months= $120
    $10 off for the next 12 months =$120

    That $465 in credit off my bill which nets at $225 after Sunday ticket billing.
    Oh, and then I am getting a $200 Visa gift Card just for agreeing to stay with DTV for 12 more months.

    A 40 minute phone call got me Sunday ticket free, $225 in extra credits and a $200 gift card! I usually all every year and get a heavy discount, but this was my most successful one yet! Just be polite, patient, and persistent and that will go a long way!

  4. Chip

    Nicely done, Roger!

  5. Shannon


    I tried again and GOT IT FOR FREE! Plus a free Genie upgrade :)

    Thanks for all your help.

  6. Chip

    Nice work, Shannon!

  7. Roger

    Congrats!! Way to stick with it! Now I’m working on my brother, he’s been with DirecTV even longer than me!

  8. Kari Diller
    Kari Diller08-28-2014

    Wow! I took your advice and called. Got Sunday ticket, hd, $100 visa gift card, an additional $10 a month credit, and 3 months free hbo starz all for free! Had to give them another 2 year agreement, but Kendra told me I could call back in a year for additional discounts.

  9. Chip

    Nice!! When I glance at my statement every month, I look to see if any discounts have come off. Some are for 3,6 or 12 months. If one falls off, I call Customer Retention and ask if there are any discounts available. There aren’t always, but it is worth a call every few months.

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