My Take: NetFlix Free 30-Day Trial


netflix+one_month_free_trial_smallerI usually run a little late to the technology party.  It’s a combination of not feeling the need for the newest gadget and my innate frugality.  Although I was born in the ’60s, my brain was set to The Great Depression.  “Waste not, want not” and all that jazz, flatfoot.

Twelve months ago, I finally bought an HDTV. Last month, I ended my 16 year laptop hiatus. My previous laptop had a whopping 80MB hard drive. That’s not a typo – 80 MEGAbytes. Just enough room for a Word document that says “I need to get a larger hard dri”.

And a couple weeks ago, I jumped on the NETFLIX train with a 1 month free trial.  It streams perfectly on my HDTV and laptop.  Who knew?

This was driven by my desire to do a li’l binge viewing of Breaking Bad, starting with Episode One.  I’d never seen the show but a lot of my friends are nuts about it.  Better late to the water cooler than never.  Besides, it don’t cost nuthin’, and I wasn’t watching much of anything else except Under The Dome.  Man, that show’s like LOST with a lid!

I also checked out a few of the NETFLIX documentaries, including The Queen of Versailles, who is the polar opposite person I am fiscally (although we have the same taste in rattlesnake lederhosen).  As I wrote about in “257 Channels and Nothing On”, it may not be worth $1,000 a year to watch Honey Boo Boo via cable or DirecTV with handy and inexpensive options like NETFLIX.



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