Reminder: Two Things To Do This Week


Get your $75 from loading up some Amex Prepaid cards. These are NOT credit cards, even though you will use them wherever Amex cards are accepted. So even if you have horrible credit, you can do this. Offer expires Saturday, June 30th. Who couldn’t use $75 free?

One really nice feature is that you can use the Amex Prepaid card at an ATM with no charge, once a month. That means, you could load up the card(s), go to an ATM, pay that ATM’s fee, and withdraw your cash in $20 increments. If you know of an actually free ATM, even better! Get it all at once. Done and done.

If you have a 5% cash back card, the quarterly categories are going to change on Sunday. This quarter, one of the easiest ways to spend up to the $1,500 limit on the Chase Freedom card, is to buy gift cards at a grocery store. That purchase must be posted before July 1st. Check your April – June Chase Freedom statements under “Bonus from 5% categories: Apr – Jun”. Add those numbers, divide by four, subtract that from $1,500, then go buy gift cards for the difference, with your Chase Freedom card.

UPDATE on #1 – The Amex Prepaid Card: In Los Angeles, the ATMs at my local Chase and Wells Fargo charge a $3 fee.  The SAG-AFTRA credit union charges $2.50 and the ATM in 7-Eleven charges $3.95.  With this in mind, I decided to simplify my life a bit and take a slight hit on the $75 windfall.  I loaded up three cards with $202.50 each, activated them online and got the PIN online. Next, I went to the SAG-AFTRA credit union and pulled out $200.  Anyone can use their ATM.  The $2.50 fee per transaction emptied each of my cards and I walked away with $200 in my hand.  I am now in the hole $7.50!  That is bad money management!! But when my three $25 bonus cards arrive, I will be back in the black $67.50 ($75 – $2.50 – $2.50 -$2.50 = $67.50).  I will not be as frivilous when my three $25 bonus cards arrive.  I will use them to fill up my gas tank.

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