Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Get Paid $13,400 For A Baby

Like Kramer & Jerry, a lot of folks don’t really know what a write-off is.  It’s a tax deduction, but a lot of folks...

Debt Snowball is SnowBULL

I am SO clever with the word play.  Reader Cary asked me a question related to my Debt Strategy Sessions.  Cary wrote: "I have some...

Is Homeownership a Good Deal?

Homeownership has a good PR department.  2-in-3 householders in the United States own their own homes.  In 1900, less than half owned their homes. ...

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Get NFL Sunday Ticket for FREE

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Arbitrage !!

Get Free Money: 0% Balance Transfer cards with No Transfer Fee: Chase Slate (15 months) Look over to...

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Carrying a $5,000 balance on your credit card at 10% interest is $500 a year that you...

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