Three iPad Mini Giveaway from ChipsMoneyTips

Welcome to the 2012 Chip’s Money Tips Subscription Drive!  As Bluto Blutarsky says: Don’t cost nuthin’.  To encourage you to spread the word, I am giving away three iPad Minis.

Good News is that those who already subscribe to Chip’s Money Tips emails are automatically entered to win!  You have an unlimited number of chances by referring people.

The Drive is Alive! Winners will be selected at high noon on Friday, December 21, 2012. If the Mayans are right, at least three of you will go out winners with this nice parting gift before the world ends.

If you already subscribe to Chip’s Money Tips emails, you received YOUR unique referral link in November 14th’s email from me.  If you didn’t receive that email, please check your junk mail folder and add me to your address book.  Clicking on your unique referral link in that email brought you to this page – just like it will anyone who clicks on it.

If you received an email from me, with your unique referral link in it, do not fill out the form on this page – because you already subscribe!  You will use your unique referral link to tell folks about Chip’s Money Tips, and get more chances to win!

More Chances to Win!
Everyone who clicks on a subscriber’s unique referral link and subscribes gets a chance in the giveaway – and the referrer gets another chance in the drawing!  Once you are subscribed, take your unique referral link and email it to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Paste your link on Facebook. Tweet it, Digg it, Email it, Pin the heck out of it!  New subscribers must signup via your unique referral link in order for you to get credit.  For example, if 116 people sign up via your unique referral link, you get 116 chances in the drawing.  842 sign-ups = 842 chances.

New Subscribers can also get More Chances to Win!
If you clicked on your friend’s referral link and subscribed on this page, you will immediately get a follow up email from asking you to confirm your subscription.  After you do that, you will get a final email with YOUR unique referral link on it.  Please use that to tell YOUR friends, family, co-workers, facebook, twitter… and so on, and so on, and so on – to increase your chances to win.

Thanks for helping spread the Chip’s Money Tips news!  Good Luck!!

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The only folks ineligible to win are my parents’ kids, the significant others, and young toughs who are under 18. Otherwise, if you are 18 or over on December 21, 2012 – you can win! Only one entry per person, two per household. US residents only. Void where prohibited (I always wanted to say that). Winners may be asked to sign and return a W-9 form which I will email to you. You have until the end of the year to get that back to me completed, or I will pull another winner at random at the stroke of 2013. My attorney says to tell you we reserve the right to terminate this offer at any time and to refuse any eligibility for award if we determine that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances. My readers aren’t pumpkin eaters, and therefore this giveaway should be free of shenanigans. There will be three winners chosen at random. If you have been named a winner and your name gets pulled a second time, that will not count. Another winner will be chosen until we have three.

Good luck!