Ford Gave Vince 3-Month Delay on Car Payments


With comedy clubs going dark for a while, comedian Vince Maranto got the bright idea to call Ford to ask them if he could have a little pause in his monthly car payments. They granted his wish in 10 minutes. He has no payments due for the next three months.

Nice work, Vince! It is likely that interest will keep accumulating even though no payments are required. Still, that’s better than defaulting on car payments and damaging one’s credit.

Vince had a great joke that I always liked. It went something like: “When somebody gives you a phone number, it has to have that flow. ‘312-555-3764’. You can’t go ‘3, 125, 5537, 64’. Are you giving me a phone number or are you trying to draw me off sides?”

Congrats and thanks for the tip, Vince!


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