Wikibuy Saved Me $$$ Instantly


If you shop online, you might give Wikibuy a try. It is a browser extension. Once you add it to your browser, it will let you know if there is a better deal for the same thing elsewhere. It will also add coupon codes that you may not have known were out there.

I needed new pint glasses. Of course I did, because I’m cool. “What happened to the old ones?” That’s none of your business. I also needed a new headset for my phone. Why? Because I like to pretend I am customer service rep Judy from Time-Life.

Wikibuy was already on my computer. In fact, I’d forgotten all about it. When I jumped on Amazon to start my search for new beer receptacles, I found what I wanted. As I was checking out, Wikibuy let me know it found a coupon code, automatically added it to my checkout, and saved me $3.30!

As for my new headset, Wikibuy jumped it to let me know that I could get it for 21% off from another seller. I clicked on the Wikibuy link and saved $4.44.

Those are my two experiences with Wikibuy. I found it quick and easy and it saved me $7.74. Not a truckload of cash – but I’ll save it for more pint glasses!



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