$75 For Discover Card Peeps


If you have a Discover it or Discover More card, you still have time to activate the 5% cashback bonus and make a fast $75, tax-free.

Do what I did! Go here to activate your 5% cashback bonus. You have until 12/31/18 to activate. This quarter, you can get 5% cashback on up to $1,500 in purchases at Amazon.com and Wholesale clubs.

Instead of whipping out my Discover card every time I visited Amazon, I simply purchased an Amazon eGift card and loaded it into my Amazon account. Choose the denomination.

Get your Amazon eGift card here. It’s legit. I grabbed the fine print:

I decided to buy a $1,500 Amazon eGift card to max out the 5% category. My Quicken software revealed that I spent almost that much in the past 12 months at Amazon.

I bought the $1,500 eGift card at Amazon. It showed up via email a several minutes later.

I applied it to my Amazon account. After that, every time I made a purchase at Amazon, it ate away at my $1,500 credit balance.

When my Discover card statement closed, the cashback dough dropped.  $75 tax-free smackers! Tax free because it is technically a rebate.

I decided to cash out. I sent my $75 to my linked checking account.

I also made sure to pay off my credit card’s new balance of $1,500 in full. If I did not, the 16% interest rate would quickly eat up my big $75 windfall in less than four months!




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