Free Human Corpse Disposal


What better time to discuss a free way to dispose of your corpse than on All Saints’ Day which is also smack dab in the middle of the Day Of The Dead celebration?

My friend Joe tipped me off to Science Care.  They pick up your soul-less bag of bones, take out your organs for donation (if that is your desire), then start whittling on you.  When they are finished, they cremate you, shove your ashes in a box and send those to your family (if they want them).

The FAQ says: “Science Care pays all costs associated with donation.  This includes free cremation, transportation from the place of passing, filing of the death certificate, and return of the cremated remains (if requested) within 3-5 weeks.”

My funeral home director friends Rhet, Steve and Hoot must forgive me, but free is a nice alternative to the more traditional route – if that is your wish.

Here’s a more dignified description of what Science Care does:

“We work with some of the world’s most prestigious and well-respected medical schools, research hospitals and medical device companies to help support the training of physicians and surgeons and to assist with the development of new medical products, procedures and treatments. When you decide to donate your body to science, you are helping to advance medicine for everyone.”

Sounds like it’s a dead man’s party over there. That’s about all I know about it. I doubt it’s a Silence of The Lambs / Soylent Green situation but do your due diligence.



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