Play AutoSlash’s Reindeer Games


Why walk from the airport, over the river and through the woods for MeeMaw’s roast beast? If you need some wheels, check out the free AutoSlash rental car search engine.  What makes them different from a site like Expedia, is that AutoSlash tracks your rental rate and rebooks you if the price drops – then sends you an email with the details.

FYI: Some of the big rental cars companies got their seat belts all in a bunch when AutoSlash rolled into town. They pulled AutoSlash’s access. So if there are no available cars for your needs at AutoSlash, book one elsewhere like at Expedia. Then go back to AutoSlash and plugged in your new reservation under “Track a rental you’ve booked elsewhere”.

I’ve done this and even been put in a car from one of the places that didn’t like AutoSlash’s reindeer games. A few days later, I got an email from AutoSlash that my four day Christmas week rental was slashed $42.21 – from $138.61 to $96.40.

AutoSlash is one of my first videos.  Check it out:

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