The Actors’ Network – June 21, 2012

Hi Actors’ Networkers!

Here are some direct links to posts and topics that I talked about at The Actors’ Network on June 21, 2012:

> How AFTRA shorted me $3,200 and how I figured it out
> How to Move Money to Qualify for SAG Health Insurance
> How to get the $300K Creative Arts Tax Exemption

> $75 in free cash from AMEX (NOT a credit card – NO credit check)

> $25 + $50 in free cash with ING Direct.

> Money Hack: Paper or Plastic – Sign-Up Bonuses for Airline miles, Hotels and Miscellaneous travel

$3,843.94 For Doing Nothing (in 2011) – Making money with cash back credit cards

> How I Grabbed 238,000 Airline Miles while on Terra Firma (in 2011) – How I fly free!

> Pay Your Rent with Plastic – Use your credit card to pay people – it is NOT a cash advance.  This helps you build up to 12,000 airline miles or $120-$240 cash back annually, paying for things you’d otherwise buy with cash.

> Get 30,000 Frequent Flyer miles on United (more than enough for a free fround trip ticket):
1. sign up for their card (25K miles)
2. add an authorized user’s name only (5K miles)
3. make one purchase (no minimum – well, at least a penny)
4. no annual fee the first year.

> The British Are Coming!! – 50,000 – 100, 000 British Airways miles – enough miles to fly free from LA to London (+taxes).  Offer extended thru July 18, 2012.

A Double Dipper Tipper! – 60,000 AmericanAirline miles

> Where Art Thou Stock Certificates? – Click on that link. Look under video for Fidelity links to promotions with American, Delta & United for putting stocks and cash at Fidelity Investments

> Autoslash – Rental car search engine

> AwardWallet is a free way to keep track of your airline, hotel, rental car and a myriad of other miles and points

> How to Keep Airline Miles from Expiring even after getting rid of the airline credit card and not flying the airline

> – free way to track your spending

> Peer-To-Peer Lending – Lending and Borrowing money To and From regular people.