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Xoom – Not Just For Drug Mules


Are you a drug mule who needs to send money to the Kingpin, ASAP?  Do you owe your Coyote some scratch for hitching a ride in the glove box of his ‘72 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon?  Or are you going to visit a friend in a foreign land and simply want some cash to play with once you are there?  I say Xoom it, baby!!

You could wire funds to accounts in other countries, but as those who have done it know, that’s kinda pricey.  Wells Fargo said that an international wire is $45 plus an exchange rate.

Xoom works just like a wire transfer, but costs as little as $4.99 and has locked-in exchange rates.  Check out the sending limits.  You can send $2,999 – $9,999 per day, to 33 countries.  Click here to open a free account.


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Chase URtoSWandUnited Bolts

UR Points Transfer Instantly to United and Southwest


Chase-URtoSWandUnited-boltsI have openly admitted to my bromance with the Chase Ink Bold® Business and Chase Ink Plus® Business cards.  I’m able to use their Ultimate Rewards points for travel or turn into cash.

Click on “Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers” at the top right side of this website for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on these cards and more. Email me if you have any questions about which card might be right for your situation.

Another reason I am smitten with those cards is because I can instantly transfer their Chase Ultimate Rewards points to United & Southwest Airlines precisely when I need the miles.  A few weeks ago, I did a test drive and grabbed a few screen captures below to show you it’s for reals.

This gives tremendous flexibility if you need a few more miles for a flight on one of those airlines.  It also refreshed my airline miles’ expiration date. Screen Captures –>

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50 Dollar Bill Jokeroo

$50 Bonus from TradeKing


Now through Halloween (all of October), open a new TradeKing account and get a $50 bonus when you fund it with $3,000 in cash or stocks, and make three trades.  Use your bonus as a downpayment on that 1,000 count bag of Fun-Sized Snickers you have been eyeballing. No promotion code is needed, but you must click here to receive this exclusive $50 bonus offer.

At only $4.95 per trade it’s a money making venture.  If you don’t have an extra three large sitting around, you can also get the $50 bonus if you open an account by transferring over $3,000 in stock from another brokerage house.  TradeKing will refund up to $150 in transfer fees from your old brokerage house to TradeKing.  FYI: The most I have ever been charged to transfer stocks from one place to another is $100.  The receiving house has always refunded the transfer fee.

The $3,000 must remain in the account (minus any losses) for 90 days or you may lose your $50 bonus. Not valid for IRAs or other retirement accounts. New accounts only. One offer per household. SIPC insured.

Here’s a video post I did last year with more reasons to put your stocks in a brokerage house like TradeKing:

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Chase Slate2

Update: Slate, as in “Clean”


Wipe your credit card interest slate clean. Pay 0% on Purchases and 0% on Balance Transfers for 15 months + No Transfer Fee!! Oh, and No Annual Fee.

Click on Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on this card and more.  Email me if you have any questions.

Apply for the card, then transfer your higher rate balances on other cards to this card during the first 60 days your account is open. You will pay NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEE! That’s huge. Any new balances that you transfer over after AFTER your account has been open 60 days, will get hit with a fee of 3% of the amount transferred with a minimum of $5. You wanna avoid that 3% – which is the norm for balance transfer cards.

Stop paying interest with the New & Improved, cleaner and slatier Chase Slate!

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Tax Return Obama Signatures Cropped Only Them2

I Got Me Some Mitt Money


I was doing my taxes over the weekend.  Like Mitt & Barack, I have some dividend income.  I’m not quite at the $4.9 million in dividend income that Gov. Romney pulled down in 2010, but at least I’m in the game – and you can be too!

That’s the cool thing.  YOU can buy stocks, collect some dividends and pay the less than ordinary federal income tax rate called “capital gains” be you the US President, a millionaire or a pauper!

If you are a pauper and enjoy ChipsMoneyTips at the public library computer, listen up.  The 15% federal tax rate for qualified dividends drops to 0% if you are in the 10% or 15% ordinary income tax bracket.

If you feel like you can pick a stock or two, sign up for a free and insured brokerage account.  The cost per trade is much less than what you would pay a stock broker: OptionsHouse ($3.95), Sharebuilder ($4-$6.95), TradeKing ($4.95), Zecco ($4.95), tradeMONSTER ($7.50), and E*Trade ($9.99).

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Discover Card – 0% APR for 12 months + NO FEE for Balance Transfers!!


To paraphrase Michael Corleone, just when I thought I was out of great card offers, they pull me back in!  Short and sweet:  If you are carrying a credit card balance – Don’t.  Apply for this card and transfer your balances to it.  There is NO FEE to transfer other card balances to this card – just like Olden Days!  You will pay NO INTEREST on the transferred balances, and NO INTEREST as well on any charges you make – for 12 months.  And… NO Annual Fee for the card.

Please do not take this opportunity to run up your debt.  But get this card to stop paying interest on your debt, while you regroup.  (Update: This card offer expired. Check out the new Discover it card.)

Click on “Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers” at the top right side of this website for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on this card and more.  Email me if you have any questions about which card might be right for your situation.

23. Where Art Thou Stocks IRAs.Still Chyrons

Where Art Thou, Stocks & IRAs?


I have accounts at ALL of the following Brokerage Houses, which are all SIPC insured. Here are some of their current, great promotional offers:

> Avoid paying a 2% replacement fee (FAQ #11) if stock certificates are lost – keep them at a brokerage house.
> SIPC is insurance, kind of like FDIC is for banks.  Read more about SIPC.
> If you transfer stocks or an IRAs from one brokerage house to another, be sure to inquire about reimbursement for any transfer fees charged by the old brokerage house.  The ACAT fee is usually about $75 and all the above brokerage houses should cover it.

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Conti: A Perfect Gift – for Zip, Zilch, Nada


The gift?  No, it’s not a bag ‘o dirt.  Look skyward.  Nope, it’s not a novena.  Give the gift of flight!  Please read my “12 Reasons To Conti While You Can” – ideas you may not have considered (below).  But the clock is ticking.  I strongly recommend you do this, but you kinda need to do it now or in the next 7-10 days, to be safe.

I have been plugging this in video and more video – because it is THE BEST airline card deal.  I was suggesting this nine months ago, before I knew I could get a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from Chase to help support this blog, if readers clicked on my referral links and were approved.  That gives me “Card Cred” my friend.  Other airlines have offers that will get you enough frequent flyer miles for a free flight.  But they have spending requirements of hundreds to thousands of dollars.  The amount you must spend on this offer is one penny.

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IMG 5738 Chip Microphone

My 1st “Call To Action” !!!


They checked our mate; parried our thrust; upped our jig!  As of now, “officially” you can only get the bonus on one card – not both.  Still a fantastic deal!  UPDATE (10/19/11): Readers are still reporting that they are getting bonuses on BOTH cards.  If you have neither, I suggest you get Continental’s card while you can (expires 1st quarter of 2012), and revisit United’s card in 2012.

>>>>> Get Continental’s card while you can!
>>>>> Or get United’s card !!
>>>>> Transfer miles between United & Continental

Click on “Chip’s Favorite Credit Card Offers” at the top right side of this website for up-to-date deals, terms, and conditions on these cards and more.  Email me if you have any questions about which card might be right for your situation.

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