Chip’s Money Tips – $trategy $ession!

So, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by debt? You want to get out of its grasp, but don’t know where to begin? This happens to people all the time. It happened to me 20+ years ago. Don’t worry about it. Debt is a jerk. Let’s sit down and figure it out.

Here’s how the $trategy $ession works

  • You fill out my detailed questionnaire so I know your situation.
  • I’ll spend some time crunching your numbers and coming up with the best solutions for you.
  • Then we get on the phone or on Skype and we’ll talk about this for up to an hour.
  • We will discuss some strategies for how to deal with your debt.
  • I’ll follow up our session with a thorough written report for you to use as a roadmap out of debt.
  • Flat fee is $150.00.

Why didn’t I do this years ago? One strategy session with Chip helped me to see the forest for the trees when it came to my finances. He gave me practical advice. He even gave me a workable plan. Thanks, Chip.
– Pilar Alessandra, Owner of On the Page, Inc.

To make an appointment

  • Just click the SIGN UP button below.
  • Once you’ve done so, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to set a phone or Skype appointment time that’s convenient for both of us.
  • E-mail me directly, if you have any questions!

You are a very smart man, thank you so much for all of this! I really appreciate all your help and kindness through all this. Finances can be such a stressful and touchy subject, and you have made it very easy to talk about.
– Michelle G., Hollywood, CA

I will tell you exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes. You can decide what to do from there!

Don’t sweat this. The past is the past. That cannot change. What matters is what you do starting now.

Even more clients with nice things to say about Chip’s Money Tips …

I have a good job, but for various reasons found myself $47K in debt on 16 credit cards. I was spending over a thousand dollars a month just paying the interest on my cards – some had interest as high as 29%. I was treading water, not reducing the principle. Chip showed me how to pay it off in a year.
– Michelle G.  Hollywood, CA

When I was selling my rental property and buying another rental property, Chip tipped me off to something called a 1031 exchange. Chip’s advice turned out saving me a bunch of money in taxes! Chip knows financial stuff – use him!
– Jan M., Glendale, CA

Chip is a long time trusted friend. I always knew he was smart about money, but I didn’t realize just how brilliant until he started ChipsMoneyTips. After seeing the website, I called him for some important advice and he gave me plenty of informed wisdom. He’s really helped me make some great financial decisions. Thanks Chip! You are a life saver.
– A.S., Sherman Oaks, CA

Chip’s financial advice saved me over $800 dollars per month. I just wasn’t using my head when it came to my personal finances. I was sitting on a huge pile of debt from a first mortgage, an equity line of credit and several credit cards. Chip helped me come up with a number of options to consolidate my debt load.

Now I have a single mortgage on my house, no home equity debt and zero credit card debt. All of that allowed me to begin building a robust savings account and channel more money towards my retirement plans. Thanks Chip!

– Gordon B., Los Angeles is financial advice in a candy-coated shell.

    • Chip Chinery started to help educate and inform the great unwashed masses about how to live large and frugally at the same time. You’re not unwashed. It’s them. The other people. You look great!