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Arbitrage !!


Get Free Money: 0% Balance Transfer cards with No Transfer Fee: Chase Slate (15 months)
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5 Free Songs on iTunes


Offer expires March 15, 2011

> American Express offer for 5 Free Songs on iTunes
> Chip stand-up CD “You Might Be A Redhead” on iTunes
> Chip’s actual CD (autographed if you like) “You Might Be A Redhead” with 3 bonus sketch comedy tracks (Fab #4, KPRA, and Steve Magazine)

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AutoSlash !!!


Video Transcript:
Smart Chip: Welcome to Chips Money Tips.  I’m Chip Chinery.
(Dumb Chip in hoody walks in)
Dumb Chip: (childlike mocking) Welcome to ChipsMoneyTips I’m Chip Chinery.
Smart Chip:  Ooooh good.  Look who it is.  It’s the part of me who doesn’t want to be bothered with …
Dumb Chip:  Piddly stuff…
Smart Chip:  Piddly stuff.  That’s right.  No time to save a buck.
Dumb Chip:  No time.  Too much work!
Smart Chip.  Right.  And where were you?
Dumb Chip: At the movies.  Just saw The Social Network.  Why don’t you come up with a website like that – instead of (unintelligible mocking) “I’m ChipsMoneyTips.  Here’s how you save a nickel on a bag of frozen peas, blah blah blah…”
Smart Chip. (ignoring)  Very funny.
Dumb Chip: I’m glad you liked it.
Smart Chip.  Today, I’m gonna to tell you about AutoSlash…
Dumb Chip: I’m outta here!  I don’t have time for this…
(Dumb Chip storms out.)
Smart Chip: Riiiiiight.  Verrrry busy. (Back to camera)  If you need to rent a car, you should check out
(VO & go to screen capture of website).  They get you the lowest rate possible for a rental car, then send you an email alert if an even lower rate becomes available.

Maybe you’ve already booked a rental car through another company or an online website. Evenso, head to AutoSlash and plug in your info.  Reason being, they’ve got a super computer that constantly checks rates for the dates and times you already have reserved elsewhere, then emails you if they found a better deal.

(Dumb Chip walks back in, with a spoon, eating from a bag of frozen peas)
Dumb Chip:  Ah, that sounds good, but I’m still too busy.  (eats spoonful of peas)
Smart Chip: (looks at Dumb Chip eating the peas. Beat).  Really.
Dumb Chip: I’m outta here!
(Dumb Chip storms out)
Smart Chip: I booked my rental elsewhere, then found out about AutoSlash.

I entered my info at, and a few hours later I got an email saying they could save me $65.51 – with a link to that less expensive reservation, with all my same dates, times, and preferences.  Four weeks later, I got another email from AutoSlash that said my new rental car place just dropped my rate $7.58 and I got that lower rate without doing anything.  So far, AutoSlash saved me, for my four-day rental alone, a grand total of $73.09.

(Dumb Chip comes back in, still with the spoon and peas – sits back down)

Dumb Chip: Wait, you saved 73 bones.
Smart Chip: Yes, that’s right.  I saved seventy-five bones.
Dumb Chip:  That is a lot frozen peas.