Health Care Hustle


If you are a Screen Actors Guild member, listen to Aziz, Diddy, and me.  Well, me.  Here is the spot we did for Ciroc Vodka.

If you aren’t in SAG, does this apply to your profession?  It could save you $15,000 a year.

Did you know that it’s possible to move SAG earnings to qualify for health insurance coverage?   ‘Tis true!

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Didgeridoo Aboriginal Didg Player

Didgeri To-Do List


Another thing on my annual To Do list, besides Learn Chisanbop, Perfect the Didgeridoo, and Check for Unclaimed Funds, is Update my “Here’s My Stuff” file. That file contains the most up-to-date instructions for those who are left to sort out my business, informing them just where my business is.

Will you have money coming in after you are gone? Will you tell your heirs about that or hope they will magically know to how and where to chase down your funds?

Actors still get residuals even after we have been wrapped from Life. In my “Here’s My Stuff” file, I also updated my agents’ info and who to call at my unions if my heirs have questions about Seinfeld and Coyote Ugly checks.

One easy way to track all of your money related accounts in one place, is by using the free program It will put all of your accounts and up-to-date balances for Banks, Credit Cards, Stocks & IRAs at Brokerage Houses, Loans and Real Estate in one place. Learn how it works.     

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SAG and The City


SAG tip: Hey “Show-Folk”.  You can thank Reader Rona for this.  Flash your Screen Actors Guild card for discounts at a slew of places.  Some eye-catchers: 20% off Burke Williams Spas, 15% off AT&T and 20% off Restaurants – including the top-heavy, orange-shorted fine dining establishment Hooters!!  Sign in to then click here to see the offers.

The City tip: This is a reminder that if you received money via 1099 (not W2 income), The City of Los Angeles wants a taste.  You can have up to $300K in 1099 earnings and have all of that money avoid the tax via the Creative Artist Exemption.  Here’s the catch: You have to sign up for it every year to get it every year.  Otherwise, you owe this tax!!  Being Leap Year, you have through February 29th to register.  Watch my video about it from last year:

Click here to read more about the $300K Creative Artist Exemption or talk to your accountant.


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$3,200 MIA (Missing in Acting)


> Check out
> – Track your SAG Pension and Health eligibility
> Founder Aaron Patzer Explains How to Use
> Why is Trusted, safe and secure
> QuickBooks accounting software and QuickBooks Online
> Old school? Download “Earnings Tracking Sheets” in PDF and Excel

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25% off at Parking Spot


SAG-Parkling-SpotHere’s another for my actor friends. It pays to read the SAG Actor magazine. Technically, it only saves to read it. Show your Screen Actor’s Guild card at LAX Parking Spot locations and get 25% off.

$300K loophole by Feb 28th!


Register for City of Los Angeles Business Tax
Read Loopholes in Sections 18 & 19

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