Ally $250 Bonus for New Cash


Ally Bank will give you a cash bonus of 1% of new cash you bring over to them. Their $1,000 minimum will get you a $10 bonus. Maximum bonus is $250 for moving over $25,000.

You’ll also get their nice interest rate. Their Online Savings account was paying 1.5% as of Monday afternoon. Here are the deadlines:

Sign up by 3/20/20
Sign up to get started, whether you’re a new customer or an existing one. Enrollment deadline is subject to change.

Fund your account by 3/31/20
Move at least $1,000 from another financial institution to a new or existing eligible Ally Bank account. Remember, transfers can take up to 3 business days.

Maintain funds through 6/30/20
Your funds need to remain in an eligible Ally Bank account through 6/30/20. Remember, any withdrawals made during this time may reduce your bonus.

Get cash bonus on or around 7/30/20
Get a 1% cash bonus back on the money you moved, up to $250.


  • Funds must remain in an eligible account: Online Savings, Money Market, or CD. What’s not eligible?
  • Cash bonus applies to new funds added to an eligible Ally Bank account, not your total balance
  • Minimum cash bonus is $10 ($1,000 deposit), maximum is $250 ($25,000 deposit)


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