How To Save $25 on NetFlix in 5 Minutes


I just saw a NetFlix monthly charge on my credit card. Boy, it had been a while since they asked for money. Oh that’s right, several months ago, I bought a $100 NetFlix eGift card on eBay and applied it to my account. You can do it too!

Yesterday I bought a $100 card for $75. The seller sent me the code today via eBay’s email system. I added the code to my NetFlix account. Now I am paid through August 2020. You will see that reflected in your NetFlix account under Account > Membership & Billing.

It took less than 5 minutes to do everything. I wish I could make $25 tax-free dollars every five minutes of my life!


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Chip Chinery is a skin-flint from way back. He started to give “Money tips in a candy-coated shell” through humorous, entertaining and informative videos and posts. Most people are clueless about money. Not you - them. Other people.


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